Jyotsna’s Media Space

Hello people! My name is Jyotsna (pronounced Jos-na); however most people know me as Jos. I am currently in my fourth year of studies in my Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of Media Communication double degree. 

This week i’ve been asked to reflect about what ‘Media Space’ means to me and what presence I have in the online work.

In my opinion, ‘Media Space’ is a broad, fluid and inexhaustible concept as it is dependent upon the contextual, social and technological influences in any given time period. For example, in the 1900s, before the digital and internet age, the ‘Media Space’ would have largely been restricted to the printing press (newspapers) and the radio. Back then, the ‘media space’ was dictated by formal public spheres which were only really accessible to upper-class men. However in the 21st century, I believe the ‘Media Space’ refers to the universal and accessible online world in which people have the instantaneous ability to participate, connect, engage, receive and contribute content individually or collaboratively to the ‘Global Village’. Indeed, there are no boundaries once you enter the ‘Media Space’.

However, the beauty of our 21st century ‘Media Space’ is that you have control over it. You can dictate the level of presence you want to have in the online world; you can choose to follow an online movement; you can choose to contribute your content in the online world; and you can choose how you wish to access your media space.

For example, I control and dictate my level of access and contribution to my ‘Media Space’. I mainly access my Media Space via my mobile phone as it is on me the whole day. After all, what can’t you do on your mobiles nowadays? I can do my banking, online shopping, read the news, talk to my friends, watch videos, take photos, plan events etc! I do not have an Instagram account, LinkedIn account, Pinterest account, Tumblr account or Snapchat. While I have a Facebook account, I am not an avid social user nor do I have a prominent online presence. I use my Facebook newsfeed as a newspaper as it’s a great tool to use and receive the top headlines from news outlets across the world in a centralised manner. I use my twitter account for the same purposes. Thus I am more of a passive user.

However, on the rare occasion, I like to use my Twitter to actively contribute to the public sphere and share my opinion when I watch QandA, using the #QandA hastag. While I rarely engage in such activities, I have noticed how my small contributions have the Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 8.27.20 pmability to start conversations with other strangers who perhaps are also sharing the same experience. For example, one of my tweets was acknowledged by another twitter user who tweeted back to me on the same issue. Similarly, on the rare occasions I have ‘shared’ or ‘posted’ my view on social issues or current affairs on Facebook. Thus the 21st century ‘Media Space’ gives ordinary people like you and me the ability to share our views on important issues. After all, you never know who will be listening!

Anyway, that is all from me. I’d love to hear from you guys about the ‘Media Spaces’ you have created for yourselves! Share below!


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